Friday, May 31, 2013

Work in Progress

I am still tweaking colors and shapes, but this is close to being finished. I like to put a piece like this away for awhile, and look at it again in a couple weeks, when I can see it with fresh eyes. That way I can spot if something is out of place, or if a color isn't really working. What frustrates me is I started this in winter light, and now the light is so different. I have to get accustomed to how the colors look in this new light.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ghost cats

I have begun doing paintings with more involved landscapes, and I am loving them. I am busy filling card orders right now, but hope to get back into the studio to finish a couple more that I am working on. This one I send out to the spooky, feral cat that we see sometimes hunting in our woods.


Another artist's blog. So many. But wait! I love artists' blogs, so maybe it is time (way past time) to begin my own. I want to interact with some of my favorite bloggers, who have given me so much. And maybe, by sharing my projects and inspiration, it will help me stay a bit more organized and focused.  We'll see.